Record a video of your car and sell it for free!

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Buy or sell new and used cars anywhere in Nigeria online at Kwilist

What is Kwilist?

Kwilist is the world's first online car market place that lets you see a video of what you are buying before contacting a seller. Kwilist currently operates in Nigeria only, and we provide you with affordable new, used (Tokunbo) and Nigerian used cars at great prices you won't find anywhere else. Before, people have to go long distances; often travelling from one state to another to buy or sell their cars or go inspect the car they want to buy within their budget. Kwilist is changing the game as we allow you to find great deals on the car of your taste within your budget and also carry out inspection without leaving the comfort of your home or office. We verify all sellers in order to build a secure and trustable market.

Kwilist is the easier way to buy and sell your car

With our large archive of cars from verified sellers, you can always find the model you are looking for here. What more? You can inspect the car you want to buy without leaving your home or office and wouldn't have to buy what you don't like anymore. Kwilist is less risk, more security. Yes! Its not easy to fall victim when you've seen a video and you could always ask the seller for a more detailed video if you are still having doubts. This is the first of its kind, so you are sure you are buying not just quality, but you also have more details to decide from.

It's so easy to sell your car

Selling your car has never been made simplier. It's as simple as Record a video. Post it. and Sell it. Just record a video of the car (A good video should show clearly the exterior, interior and the engine), fill in the details of the car you want to sell, post it and wait for buyers to contact you and sell it. Kwilist does not charge you any commission to sell your car. We provide our services absolutely free.

Buying a car has never been made easier

You are no longer restricted to buying a car from only the dealers around you. With Kwilist, you can be in Lagos and buy a car from someone in Port-Harcout. What more? You don't need to travel anywhere to inspect the car you want to buy. With video ads, you can sit at the comfort of your home or office and inspect the car you want to buy. Find the seller's contact or send an SMS directly to the seller from within the site at absolutely no cost.

Kwilist won't exhaust your data (Bandwidth) — How?

We know you may be scared off by the data (bandwidth) watching videos will consume and we've got you covered. When a seller uploads a 100MB file for example, our powerful automatic video resizing makes sure you are able to watch it in less than 1.65MB. Meaning you can watch almost any video on Kwilist with less than 3.5MB.

Can't I just post my ad with pictures?

Of course! You can chose to sell your car using a picture ad if you so like. You will find a link to do this under the video upload box while posting.