About Kwilist

Kwilist is Nigeria's premier free video classified platform for selling cars that gives you the freedom to post ads with pictures if you so prefer.

We provide you with the opportunity to sell faster and buy secure. Kwilist gives you the freedom to see what you are buying before you even call any seller.
Isn't that safety and secured purchasing?

When selling:
  • You can post a recorded video of your car (This can give your ad up to 10 times more views, and lets you get as creative as you can be) or just pictures if you feel much more comfortable with that.
  • You can edit your ad,
  • You can switch from pictures to a video and vice-versa at will,
  • You get called only by serious buyers,
  • Your buyers can pay as soon as they come because there will be little to no inspection necessary if your video is good.
When buying:
  • You get to see what you are buying before wasting airtime calling anybody.
  • You can make better buying decisions based on what you see.
  • You can say goodbye to fraudsters.